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Wander Rosario was born and raised in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. He has performed at Punta Cana Salsa Congress, Acapulco Salsa Congress, Peru Salsa Congress, Lima Salsa Congress , Bachatu, Houston Salsa Congress, BIG Salsa Congress, KBS festival, Santo Domingo Salsa Congress, Son del Sur Salsa Congress, Dallas Salsa Congress, Dallas Bachata Festival, Big Easy Texas Salsa Invasion, On2 Salsa Festival, DR Bachata Festival, LA Bachata Festival, Atlanta Bachata Festival, Texas salsa congress and West Texas Salsa Festival. Now he spends his time dancing in Dallas, Texas, coaching both of his Dance teams and teaching at Sandunga Dance Studio.

Wander Rosario began his dance training under the direction of Vitico La Magiain in 2008. His passion for dancing grew after he attended the Punta Cana Salsa Congress and saw all the amazing dancers, then is when he knew that’s what he wanted to be.Wander has reached his goal of becoming a dancer and an instructor. Now he looks forward to traveling internationally and sharing his talent and knowledge with other people through performances and workshops.

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